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UNDER THE SKIN expands into more theaters this weekend! It’s a hypnotic and unsettling film about human connection and you won’t see anything else like it. FULL REVIEW


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Jordan Kasey


This Borgman poster is awesome! Now if it would just get a release date. 



New #STARGATE posters from Kilian Eng for Skuzzles! On sale tomorrow, 12.11.13!

True that Dr.

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Soap Bars Shaped Like Old-School Super Nintendo And Game Boy Cartridges

These interesting soap bars by Firebox will definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia among old-school gamers. 

Shaped like retro Super Nintendo and Game Boy cartridges, they are available in iconic game titles like Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda. 

According Firebox, the soap bars are made from “vegan-friendly ingredients” and are scented with an “Energy Citrus” fragrance. 


Trick ‘R Treat by Sal Gabriel / Tumblr / Twitter

Part of the review and art series, Reel Rewind at Crome Yellow, where they’ve been taking on the greatest monster/horror movies all month. Check out the full review and close ups of the art HERE,

HOLLYWOOD HORROR ICONS by Ted Bracewell, limited timed edition print available now from Poster Collective

New EVIL DEAD poster by Peter Strain! Screen print available now!

Cool GOBLIN gig poster by Samuel Ho!


The Relic by David Moscati / Tumblr / Store

Part of the latest Reel Rewind series, over at the always awesome Crome Yellow

Focusing all month long, leading up to Halloween night, on some of the greatest monster movies ever. Check out the full review and detail shots of the artwork, HERE

#PRISONERS was excellent! Wraps up a bit too tidy but an ace exercise in harrowing desperation and tension. Top notch cast.

This part still hit me just as hard the second time through. #LastOfUs